Doubting Thomas?

None of the disciples believed Jesus was alive until they saw. What makes Thomas different — he voiced it. He brought it out into the open. He’s the one who said, in John (when Lazarus was dead) “Come on, then, let’s go and die with him.” He was into Jesus. There’s an Indian tradition that […]

killing weeds

yesterday mitt and i bought some “weed-b-gone” spray for the yard, which is currently full of dandilions. it was kinda fun the spray that stuff, but i don’t understand how it can kill the weeds and leave the grass alone. guess we’ll see. we’re getting ready to start service, late, i see. Sunday, April 25, […]

at LAX

mitt and i are at LAX, with 1:41 left in our wait to board our plane, to finish out our very short trip to california we saw TMBG last night at house of blues in anaheim, ca, just outside los angeles. today we made our way down to huntington beach, where it was all […]