fathers day 2005

my father taught me to listen to look people right in their eyes to try your hardest to know what they’re saying in spite of their words or their lies my father taught me to work that a full day grants a good rest to mean to do well when doing one’s job to concentrate […]

holding pattern

waiting for something that may never happen is such a strange thing for a body to feel anxious and nervous and want the wait to be over but still do not want the moment to appear clocks can move backwards when they know we are waiting they sense that it’s tense and they like to […]

poem: "to go, please"

incontinent androgynous lactose-intolerant debutante seeks hyper-active tv announcer from cheezey 50’s game show please call me up i swear i’m smart but don’t give me milk or else i’ll fart i’m lonely, everybody and my white cell count is down i need some human contact please a man a woman anything! i promise not to […]


the device used to track jumps in bible quizzing. a box hooked up to 8 seats, with lights corresponding to each seat, so you can see who “jumped” first. we can see here that seat two on the left side jumped first. quizzers have 30 seconds to complete the question and answer it correctly, or […]

i got a tattoo today

so i got my tat, finally. it’s a power button, on the back of my neck, about a half-inch big. the experience was both easier, and harder than i expected. the actual tattoo gun didn’t hurt as badly as i thought it would — it felt more like scraping than piercing. it was fairly constant […]