tonight i went for the fauxhawk — a hair cut i have (amazingly) never had. i am actually way happy with how it turned out. in the middle pic, you can see the scar i got snowboarding. i face-planted in a mogul and the board cut my head open. i had to get six staples […]

trog n me n an interview

a few days ago i received an email asking if i would be interested in be profiled in a regular column of “Outreach Magazine” which their site says this about: Sojourners: People You Meet Along The WayIn each issue Outreach introduces you to individuals in various places on their faith journey, some who have crossed […]


it is 4:22 and i am up. sleep soon? Listening to: Pt.I / Pt. II / Pt. III / Pt. IV / Pt. V from the album “The Tain (EP)” by The Decemberists Technorati Tags: cameraphone, insomnia, me

it’s just stuff

sick and tired of being asked how much my powerbook costs when i’m out working in public, i resorted to writing “it’s just stuff” on it with a sharpie. it’s been two weeks now, and not one person has asked, so i think it’s working. 🙂 Listening to: Intermission from the album “Early Hi-Ball Years” […]

missing meds and nausea

last night i missed my meds, because my phone was dead, and i didn’t realize it. (see this post here, about my meds schedule) so i spent lots of today nauseous, and that is just no fun. nausea is a strange thing to feel (not to mention a bitch to spell!) what is it about […]