starry night puzzle

have started on a jigsaw puzzle. it’s “starry night”, but it’s a photomontage, so it’s really hard. will post progress pics as it gets worked on. Listening to: Relax from the album “Relax. Chillout. Meditate. Heal. Restore.” by Ambient Music Therapy Technorati Tags: jigsaw, jigsawpuzzle, photomontage, progression, progress, puzzle, starrynight, vangogh

poison for thanksgiving?

okay, i’ll admit it: i went to see brett michaels on thanksgiving eve. i’m not proud (obviously, or i wouldn’t post about this) of it, but i did do it. i was invited, and circumstances with all of the family ending up being out of town lead to me accepting the invitation, and i went. […]

Apollo Pony: Powers of 10

Apollo Pony: Powers of 10:The classic “Powers of 10” by Charles and Ray Eames (Thanks, Schlomo!). Warning, may cause existential damage. seriously, this thing is amazing. Technorati Tags: apollopony, astronomy, charels eames, education, math, meter, movie, physics, ray eames, science, skin, space, video

cow skull pix

i put up a whole bunch of pictures of a cow skull at flickr this evening. some samples: view them all Listening to: When I See Scissors I Can’t Help but Think of You from the album “The Dead Texan” by The Dead Texan Technorati Tags: cow, cowskull, flickr, photography, photos, pictures, skull

congrats, angela

Chris Corwin: i talk mostly about me, and how i feel, and post pics of what i’m doingKrista Doran: you mention other people if you’re with themKrista Doran: duhAngela Ziegler: yes you doKrista Doran: 🙂 it doesn’t matterKrista Doran: i really don’t want to be on thereAngela Ziegler: i doKrista Doran: you want to be […]

some of my favorite images

below is a small collection of some of my favorite images. some i made, some i’ve found and saved. all i love. Listening to: The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) from the album “Apollo 18” by They Might Be Giants Technorati Tags: army, avery, bacon, benedict XVI, benedictxvi, cheese grater, death, diversity, efitol, ephitol, fine, […]