flying in dreams

so last night i had the most amazing dream, where i could fly. even better, it was a lucid dream (where i was aware i was dreaming, and could control the dream, but didn’t wake up) and so i had some serious fun. i flew around, over parks, over lakes, into and through houses. i […]

best. personals. ad. ever.

seen on chicago craigslist, “men seeking women”: This SBM seeks courtship & marriage to an authentic African woman. A sane one, meaning: Not affraid to live in Africa / hasn’t been in the US more than 6 months / doesn’t smoke or drink / is highly uneducated(rural not big city type) / only wears dresses […]

giant steps

so, this thing here, is amazing viewing: giant steps Listening to: Talk from the album “X&Y” by Coldplay Technorati Tags: amazing, flash, flashmovie, giantsteps, johncoltrane, michalevy,, swf, video, watch


sometimes, out of nowhere, you stumble across really good writing: We’re up late studying. It’s three a.m. and the only sounds in the room are the fan whirring and his pages turning and my pen scratching ink across the paper. The door opens every so often. It’s always the same: some kid leans his head […]

a tags experiment at flickr

recently i posted this photo of myself to flickr, and tagged it with “sexy” and “hottie” — as well as an almost identical photo, not tagged thus. the first photo, with the extra tags has over twice as many views. i find that kinda funny. Listening to: Words Of Wisdom from the album “The Best […]

let’s return to a biblical view of marriage

5. Since marriage is for life, neither the U.S. Constitution nor any state law shall permit divorce (Deut 22:19; Mark 10:9-12). 6. If a married man dies childless, the widow must not marry a stranger outside of the family. Instead, the dead man’s brother must marry the widow. If the brother refuses to marry the […]

Google Romance

3. What is Soulmate Search? Here on the Google Romance team, we follow the philosophy “Don’t be medieval,” so we brought only the latest psychographic and search algorithms to bear on the problem of hooking up our users. First you fill out an extensive personal profile carefully designed by a team of both married and […]