mass destruction: a trivial undertaking, fueled by myths

We are fast approaching a time when the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction will be a trivial undertaking; the requisite information and technology are now seeping into every corner of the world. As the physicist Martin Rees points out, “We are entering an era where a single person can, by one clandestine act, cause […]

Bob Sutton: Strong Opinions, Weakly Held

Bob explained that weak opinions are problematic because people aren’t inspired to develop the best arguments possible for them, or to put forth the energy required to test them. Bob explained that it was just as important, however, to not be too attached to what you believe because, otherwise, it undermines your ability to “see” […]

best of craigslist : Coca-Cola Blak? You can’t be serious.

The label had that catchy artfag “Buy me now and you’ll be fucking goth bitches tonight!” quality to it. Like it’s too good for you, that you’re a better person for having it nearby, because it distracts people from your many shortcomings. It stares right through your fucking soul with that little 0 thing in […]