engrish at its best

today at boingboing there is some engrish stuff being thrown about. and one of the comments has a link to what has got to be the single best example of engrish there is, besides the fact the picture itself is is at least three jokes in one. here i link to the boingboing article, and […]

a nice sunday

i am sitting in my downstairs living room, re-reading harry potter and the chamber of secrets, listening to the dead texan, drinking a tanqueray & tonic, and eating tricuits with pepperjack cheese. later i will be grilling pork chops and eating broccoli.this is nice, yes yes. Technorati Tags: fun, home, life, sunday, tanqueray

i was there, kid

Yeah, I’m losing my edge.I’m losing my edge.The kids are coming up from behind.I’m losing my edge.I’m losing my edge to the kids from France and from London.But I was there. I was there in 1968.I was there at the first Cannes show in Cologne.I’m losing my edge.I’m losing my edge to the kids whose […]

The Confusing Country

Strangely, it tends to be the second class of animals (the Odd) that are more dangerous. The creature that kills the most people each year is the common Wombat. It is nearly as ridiculous as its name, and spends its life digging holes in the ground, in which it hides. During the night it comes […]

chickens without heads

recently i have been a busy chris. i have been stressed, tired, but also enjoying myself and my friends and family, too. today i finished my visa application form, the last form i need to complete & submit in order to enter new zealand in my quest to move there. these things take, supposedly, five-to-ten […]