Wired News: The Crusade Against Religion

Wired News: The Crusade Against Religion:Prophecy, I’ve come to realize, is a complex meme. When prophets provoke real trouble, bring confusion to society by sowing reverberant doubts, spark an active, opposing consensus everywhere — that is the sign they’ve hit a nerve. But what happens when they don’t hit a nerve? There are plenty of […]

last pretty day of the season

today is gorgeous out: 73°f, sunny. so why am i not playing disc golf, on what is the last best candidate day for doing so? because the winds are up to 30mph, and the disc kept flying into the woods. drat. so now i sit at a cafe downtown, working at a free wifi spot. […]

make the most of it

I certainly haven’t been shopping for any new shoesAnd I certainly haven’t been spreading myself aroundI still only travel by foot and by foot it’s a slow climbBut I’m good at being uncomfortable so I can’t stop changing all the time I noticed that my opponent is always on the goAnd won’t go slow so […]

overheard in indianapolis

earlier this evening i found myself standing in borders books with a new friend, looking at art magazines when a person nearby allowed their mobile phone to ring… loudly. some rap song as the ring. a teenage girl answers with “wwhhhaaaat??” when we both had to stifle laughs i figured i was going to enjoy […]

strangest dream

last night i had a dream that was totally out of character for me. it was strange and weird, for me, in that it was completely mundane. i was going on vacation, with someone, and we were in a car, just driving and talking. that’s it. normally my dreams involve surreal plots of terror where […]

Is autism a "disorder"? Is psychopathy a "disease"?

Is autism a “disorder”? Is psychopathy a “disease”?:I realize that these are uneasy bedfellows. Autism isn’t psychopathy. The question is, are there many “disorders” that are really “adaptations”? Homosexuality once appeared in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual as a disorder — now, it’s considered just part of the spectrum of human behavior, considered best as […]


this will hurt you more than it hurts me but just you sit for it and bleed i’m sure to cut you: prepare for pain i’m sure to scar you: you’re to blame i’m sure to need to poke and prod and slice and burn and scrape i’m sure to go in deep and drill […]

the great emptying

i have spent the better part of the last two days emptying my house of everything i own and doing one of three things with it: moving it into storage piling it up to give away or sell throwing away piling it up to take to new zealand with me pile number four is by […]

quiet here without my dog

i notice it most when i get up to make coffee or use the bathroom. this would be the time when trogdor would see i was getting up, get up from his napspot, stretch and run to the stairs and wait to see where i was going, tail wagging. every time i get up and […]