TMBG set list – The Bluebird, Bloomington, IN, Feb 28 2008

hey, mr. dj, i thought you said we had a deal memo to human resources the mesopotamians! cyclops rock withered hope i palindrome i damn good times older new york city one dozen monkeys alphabet of nations dr worm the famous polka meet james ensor put your hand inside the puppet head i’m impressed it’s […]

Links for 2/14/08 My First Week Evolution News & Views: Leslie Orgel: Metabolic Origin of Life “Unlikely”; Complexity Requires “A Skilled Synthetic Chemist” (Part 1) (Updated) Information Arbitrage: “How to Lie With Statistics” a/k/a Ben Stein’s Modus Operandi Can Their Wish Be the Market’s Command? – New York Times | sciencetech | Turning physics on its […]

end Japanese whaling

February 7, 2008—To call attention to Japanese whaling practices, the Australian government released video captured on the ocean near Antarctica. Warning: graphic imagery. Video: Grisly Whaling Video Released the video linked to above is simply disgusting. it’s hard enough to think about killing animals, even for food, but to think about how these very intelligent […]

Rhino Poaching Rise Spurs India to Deploy Armed Guards

Authorities in India’s remote northeast will deploy a hundred armed guards to a protected game reserve after poachers killed a rare one-horned rhinoceros—the fourth this year—at the park, a senior official said Wednesday. “We are alarmed at the seemingly organized poaching by gangs at the Kaziranga National Park,” Assam state Forest and Environment Minister Rockybul […]