i’m like the appendix

‘It is possible that in a nomadic setting, a boy with this allele might be able to more effectively defend livestock against raiders or locate food and water sources, but that the same tendencies might not be as beneficial in settled pursuits such as focusing in school, farming or selling goods,’ Assistant Professor Eisenberg said. […]

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The Daily Detour: Who’s the Good Samaritan? Indy Insights: Fogo Not To Be Fo-gotten GSI Outdoor Ultralight Dualist Cook System from Backcountry.com Versions – Mac Subversion Client Amazon.com: Flip Video Mino Series Camcorder, 60 Minutes (White): Electronics dog with boobs on Flickr – Photo Sharing! Cabinet on Flickr – Photo Sharing! RepRap universal constructor achieves […]


so i’m on line at the gas station, waiting to pre pay, and this 6 foot 7 black dood in a brown velvet track suit comes in, talking loudly on his cell phone LISTEN MAN, I TOLD YOU — YOU CAN DO DAT SHIT, BUT DO NOT GET CAUGHT I BE FUCKING ALL MY GIRL’S […]