Links for 1/23/08 [my NetNewsWire tabs]

Pledge of Allegiance Eye of the Goof: Doin’ the Space Girl Dance LaCie LaCinema | Uncrate The Frontal Cortex : Killing Chickens on Television Monograph (Monoscope) Hoosier Beer Geek: A picture is worth a thousand beers… Dark House Quarter – Conversation Today @ PC World MacBook Air Amiss: Time to License Mac OS X? xkcd […]

moral of story: tigers are ungrateful

“Somebody created a situation that really agitated her and gave her some sort of a method to break out,” Mollinedo said. “There is no possible way the cat could have made it out of there in a single leap. I would surmise that there was help. ”A couple of feet dangling over the edge could […]

Links for 8/31/07

Fill-in-the-Blanks – Designing Interfaces WTF Mac Store on Flickr – Photo Sharing! ongoing · Pantone’s Missed Chance Yahoo! Search – Directory Search Holding a Program in One’s Head Flickr: easykill’s photos tagged with wedding BBspot – Windows Vista Upgrade Decision Flowchart You may not see my receipt. – a thaumaturgical compendium » Civil War […]