so i’m on line at the gas station, waiting to pre pay, and this 6 foot 7 black dood in a brown velvet track suit comes in, talking loudly on his cell phone LISTEN MAN, I TOLD YOU — YOU CAN DO DAT SHIT, BUT DO NOT GET CAUGHT I BE FUCKING ALL MY GIRL’S […]

gen y must go

`They have trouble making decisions,’ sneered GrossBookSistah’s opening sentence. ‘They have few heroes, no anthems, no style to call their own … their anxious indecision creates a kind of ominous fog around them.’ GrossBookSistah stopped just short of accusing Generation X of hating rainbows. The article managed to throw us a couple of bones, complimenting […]

ncaa brackets

These are listed in game order N. Carolina Indiana Notre Dame Washton St Oklahoma Louisville Butler American Kansas Kent St Clemson Vanderbilt USC Wisconsin Davidson Georgetown Memphis Miss. St Michigan St Pittsburgh Marquette Stanford St Marys Texas UCLA BYU Drake Connecticut Purdue Xavier Arizona Belmont N. Carolina Notre Dame Louisville Butler Kansas Clemson Wisconsin Georgetown […]

for different folks

so i just learned that one of my very best friends in the world has had at least one stroke in the past couple days, perhaps two. if any of you know brad and haven’t heard details, email me or give me a call and i’ll update you. Technorati Tags: health, strokes

robot train

today, after we went to the children’s museum, we were not quite ready to go right home and have dinner yet (J1 made sushi! yay!) so we rode the robot train. i had never ridden the robot train, and i must say i was impressed. it has a nice warm waiting area with nice seating […]

i do not feel well today

earlier, i thought i might start to feel better if i ate. so i ate. this made me feel pretty much yucky, so i thought i might go for a walk. i am now back from my walk, and the idea of riding a bike home is so awful that it is the only thing […]