Headline stirs complaints, but real problems don’t | IndyStar.com

today, i see in the local paper that my wife has been sending letters to the editor: wonder how many people crying about the “racist headline” on Jan. 18 (“I ain’t kill them kids”) assumed the speaker was black without reading beyond the bold print? Many assume that uneducated blacks are responsible for heinous crimes […]

new indianapolis library houses crappy coffeeshop

the new indianapolis library is open and i was dissapointed to learn that it contains a starbucks. now, i used to work for starbucks and as far as big corporations that come into small markets and wipe out local businesses, it’s not ALL bad, i suppose, but still, the city could have gone with any […]

Review: The Kegerator Portfolio | A Good Beer Blog

spoiler alert: i ruin christmas for children below. if andy claws were real*, and he were to bring me an $800 present, and he were to learn about that present somewhere, i’d like it to be here: Kegotator draft dispensers are part of MicroMatic product line, which offers a large range of beer equipment. I […]