god has a sense of timing

position: all dimensions, be they measurable, immeasurable or simply theoretical, are part of the created universe — and therefore necessarily dependent upon a creator.

this means god cannot dwell “in” them — as he dwelled before they existed.

even in dimensions that have no apparent meaning of “time”, there is still the fact that if a sentient being dwells in them, or inhabits them, then that being exists as it does.

and, we have text that speaks of god “regretting that he had mad mankind”.

now, i contend (and i cite feynman’s “the distinction of past and future“) that for god to experience anything resembling “regret” as we know it, he must have some concept of time as we know it.

regret as a notion implies that the past is distinguishable from the future — that things happen in 1 direction only, necessarily, even in dimensions where the concept of “time” is meaningless.

the only currently apparent processes that are immune to this are ones which are only acted upon by gravity[1].

and god, i submit, is not subject to the rules of gravity, themselves being dependent upon the the make up of this universe.

even if that were not so, merely the fact that the first four dimensions are as dependant upon the the last seven as the last seven are on the first four requires that god is able to exist outside of them, since we can prove to a certain amount of degree that the universe (all 11 dimensions) had a beginning, and we contend that god did not.

[1] planets traveling around the sun are identical in forward or reverse

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