In Celebration of “Norm!”

It just occurred to me in the “everyman” character, Norm, was, in fact, a narrative device to normalize the behaviour that he exhibited — go to bar, sit with friends, discuss meaningful shit in meaningless ways. The other patrons’ response to Norm walking in to Cheers, specifically, is. It’s not a hypernormalization, mind you — they’re […]

On the idea that consciousness creates 4D reality from a 2D hologram

I’m blocked on all my current tasks at work so I went to MacNiven’s to take a break, and, like I do, I’m reading a physics book. This one is about the various “Universe as Holographic Information” hypotheses. Short version The deepest reality of our universe is two-dimensional hologram, one of Space and one of […]

Delightful post about a paper about a mad fast streaming regex engine called Hyperscan

Capturing subexpressions: at once stage we had an experimental product that (in block mode only, not streaming) could accurately model libpcre’s capturing semantics. This worked by scanning the data backwards with a backwards version of the pattern, making a trace of the states visited, and tracing forwards through the backward state trace in order to […]

The old fashioned way: we earn it

I love this twitter thread from Alexandra Erin, whom often writes things I like reading. One quote from it: And you know, this is just one of the many things that would be simpler to solve if we had universal cash benefits/universal basic income. Easiest way to make sure everybody we need to run a […]

On having a fuzzy-feeling tongue

I burnt my tongue Monday morning on some homemade chicken broth. This is, both, annoying and pretty great. It is annoying because now I have a tongue that feels “fuzzy” somehow. It is pretty great because I have been reminded, over and over again, all morning long, that my wife made me some home made […]