Delightful post about a paper about a mad fast streaming regex engine called Hyperscan

Capturing subexpressions: at once stage we had an experimental product that (in block mode only, not streaming) could accurately model libpcre’s capturing semantics. This worked by scanning the data backwards with a backwards version of the pattern, making a trace of the states visited, and tracing forwards through the backward state trace in order to […]

The old fashioned way: we earn it

I love this twitter thread from Alexandra Erin, whom often writes things I like reading. One quote from it: And you know, this is just one of the many things that would be simpler to solve if we had universal cash benefits/universal basic income. Easiest way to make sure everybody we need to run a […]

On having a fuzzy-feeling tongue

I burnt my tongue Monday morning on some homemade chicken broth. This is, both, annoying and pretty great. It is annoying because now I have a tongue that feels “fuzzy” somehow. It is pretty great because I have been reminded, over and over again, all morning long, that my wife made me some home made […]

Timet Nosce

Appreciation for the genuine differences between people can help you orient yourself in the world, and appreciate the truly diverse viewpoints necessary to make the complex systems of society function, as well as increasing your comprehension of the singular and unique combination of basic traits and subsidiary aspects that characterize you, personally. From Understanding Myself

Reading: “The hard problem of consciousness is a distraction from the real one”

There is a final twist to this story. Predictive models are good not only for figuring out the causes of sensory signals, they also allow the brain to control or regulate these causes, by changing sensory data to conform to existing predictions (this is sometimes called ‘active inference’). When it comes to the self, especially […]