Neva Barb camping abt 1953

Mother says: Since the 2nd anniversary of Mother’s death is this Sunday, I thought I would send some photos to you all as we remember who she was.

In this photo I think you really get the sense of how simple our lives were then…notice the "huge" cooler, the empty milk bottle on the table, the single pan where dishes were washed, bottoms cleaned, and we girls were given "sponge baths" at night.

Look at how padded and safe and multifunctional the baby chair is. I do see it had a belt to keep toddlers from jumping out.

And there leaning on the trailer is the card table we used when extra family came…it cost all of $3.95 and actually had a top that was a paper-board of some kind.

Then there is the board leaning against the window; I’m guessing that was to keep it closed.

And Daddy improvised more lights (of course) on the trailer by installing old tail lights up on the rounded front corner.

And there under Mother’s watchful eyes is little blond Barbara Ann busy as usual.

One strap has fallen off her shoulder and she’ll probably be taking everything off before long. She liked to be "au naturel".

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