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`They have trouble making decisions,’ sneered GrossBookSistah’s opening sentence. ‘They have few heroes, no anthems, no style to call their own … their anxious indecision creates a kind of ominous fog around them.’
GrossBookSistah stopped just short of accusing Generation X of hating rainbows. The article managed to throw us a couple of bones, complimenting our ‘realism’ and ‘good intentions,’ but GrossBookSistah’s meager praise came across as a transparent attempt to provide ‘balance’ in an article that essentially labeled Generation X as being pathetic.

Normally, I’d be content to let sleeping dogs lie—it has been nearly two decades, after all, since ‘Twentysomething’ was published. But an onslaught of press praising Millennials for the very things my generation was despised for has begun to emerge. The double standards have opened old wounds.

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