“A feeling of being installed crooked.”

I have done some searching, and, I have no idea how to nail down the phenomenon I’m speaking of, but ☞

“a feeling of being installed crooked”

…is as close as I can get right now.

Sometimes while meditating, I get a sense of being like 15° off, nearly always “to the right” (whatever that means, since it would be to the right of what, exactly ?

It feels like “being in third-person”, kinda — like the “front” of my consciousness is not “pointing the same direction” as my nose is.

When I catch this feeling and pay attention to it, like everything else, it subsides under scrutiny, but if I can notice it without “honing in” there’s a bit of me that can observe it without chasing it off.

Does any of what I’m saying resonate?

Feeling very curious about this.