at LAX

mitt and i are at LAX, with 1:41 left in our wait to board our plane, to finish out our very short trip to california

we saw TMBG last night at house of blues in anaheim, ca, just outside los angeles.

today we made our way down to huntington beach, where it was all of 50 degrees, 20mph winds and driving, very cold rain, and up to santa monica/beverly hills.

we also spent a good deal of time at long beach, where we toured the queen mary, and i got to see the giant propellor (!) which was exactly like i remember it being, all the way down to the colour of the water.

i had basicaly convinced myself that that memory was made up, but today i was vindicated.

it was real — and though i’m not sure why, it is my favorite thing about the queen mary, and is, really, the reason i wanted to go so badly.

though its not secret that i like big boats, and would likely have wanted to go anyway.

: )

at huntington beach, it was so nice to stand there next to the ocean, in almost the same spot that andy and carmen and i were at two years ago — only this time mitt was with me.

it was a touching moment to stand there and hold her — even if it was freeeeezing cold and raining.


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