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frum on the recently passed healthcare reform bill

No illusions please: This bill will not be repealed. Even if Republicans scored a 1994 style landslide in November, how many votes could we muster to re-open the “doughnut hole” and charge seniors more for prescription drugs? How many votes to re-allow insurers to rescind policies when they discover a pre-existing condition? How many votes to banish 25 year olds from their parents’ insurance coverage? And even if the votes were there – would President Obama sign such a repeal?

We followed the most radical voices in the party and the movement, and they led us to abject and irreversible defeat.

There were leaders who knew better, who would have liked to deal. But they were trapped. Conservative talkers on Fox and talk radio had whipped the Republican voting base into such a frenzy that deal-making was rendered impossible. How do you negotiate with somebody who wants to murder your grandmother? Or – more exactly – with somebody whom your voters have been persuaded to believe wants to murder their grandmother?

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religion keeps the poor from mudering the rich…

One More Thing
Always question authority and power.

Today I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.” I think that’s right, but it’s also only part of the story. I think that the judicial system is also what keeps the poor from murdering the rich. And the police. And what we are taught in school keeps the poor from murdering the rich. The stories we are taught at home from infancy are what keeps the poor from murdering the rich. The belief that it is acceptable to be rich is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich. The desire to be like them keeps the poor from murdering the rich. None of this, of course, keeps the rich from murdering the poor.

—Derrick Jensen, The Culture of Make Believe (2004)

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some of my favorite people


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in this photo are some of my favorite people in the world.

this was taken on the “LPA Cruise” at Lasso Developers Conference 2008, which was held in Chicago, Illinois.

Pictured, left to right, are: Kyle Jessup, Steve Piercy, Jason Huck, Me (Chris Corwin) and Randy Phillips

There’s a bar tender back there, too — but I can’t really say I “know” her, as she was being paid to be there.

The cruise was hell of fun, and there were even fireworks while we were out on the water.

It made me wish I lived closer to a lot of these guys — the Lasso community is small, but full of fantastic people.