a thought on calvinism

i remember, back when i liked to take the label “calvinist” for myself, how i had so little understanding of what it means, really.

i imagine there are lots of people like i was.

i also know, now that i’m several years older (and hopefully wiser!), that all the discussions i had, thinking it mattered had so very little to do with what jesus taught on how to be happy, or what he taught on what it means to love god.

i remember being so angry at “armenians” who would say calvinism is just an excuse to not have to evangelize (that still, er, ticks me off, actually), and i remember thinking that anyone who isn’t a calvinist must not think god is truly sovereign.

but, somewhere along the line, i realized that i simply am not smart enough to understand god, nor his ways.

i came to the conclusion that perhaps him knowing who goes to hell ahead of time does not automagically mean he also hand-picked who goes to heaven, because his ways are above ours.

i have decided not to get into these debates, because i have never seen a mind changed, nor a life improved.

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