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you know that it can’t last you know
you don’t have time to make it work
you know that it won’t be the thing
you know that all’s ahead is hurt

you know that you can’t do this thing
you don’t have the heart you know
you know what i’m trying to tell you
you know where it’s going to go

you know where this love will take you
you know the why if not the when
you know all the pain that’s coming
you will hate her in the end

you will hate her as you love her
you will wish you had not met
you will dream of her forever
you will always know regret

do this thing and you will know hate
do this thing and you will cry
do this thing and you will kill you
you will love her, then you’ll die

if seething is believing

if i write enough words
if i hope it a lot
if i wonder about it
if i wish it would stop

if i plead with the air
if i cry to the night
if i hope against hope
if i burn at the slight

if i act very sad
if i mope all around
if i beg of the fates
if i wear only frowns

if i holler and yell
if i kick and i scream
if i shout all about it
if i get really mean

if i can not go on
if i lose all my tact
if i throw a tantrum
will it make you come back?

your job, should you choose to accept it

remember, it is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.

i can’t stress enough: love, love, love, love, love, love, love,
love, love, love, love, love,
love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love,
love, love, love, love,
love, love, love, love, love,
love, love,

it is the holy spirit’s job to convict — it is your job to love and shine god’s love through that love.

this is the message we heard from christ

finish this sentence:

this is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you…

no, really… read it and try to finish it in yer head, knowing that this is the first half of a verse from john, how do you think he’s going to finish this sentence?

how would one of jesus’s best friends, one who wrote one of his gospels finish that sentence?

what is THE message that jesus taught his disciples?

what is THE message that they proclaim to us?

don’t be in a hurry, really think about it.

then, once you’ve arrived at your decision, click the link below, and see how it REALLY ends.

click here

“not acting like jesus would”

Matthew 11:19 (Contemporary English Version)

19 But the Son of Man goes around eating and drinking, and you say, “That man eats and drinks too much! He is even a friend of tax collectors and sinners.” Yet Wisdom is shown to be right by what it does.

jesus was, as we see here, accused of being a drunkard, because he hung around with “the wrong crowd” and drank (gasp!) with them.

don’t let anyone tell you you’re wrong for doing so.

but, what is permissible is not always what’s best.

i have found that i grow the most when i am involved in ministry.

when i am out there giving of myself, i find that i *need* all god can give me, from his word and from his spirit, and then i grow.

i suggest you find some way to serve, and fast.

seek god’s kingdom, both in your life, and in the lives of your friends: love the heck out of them. you don’t need to pretend to be perfect — faith is messy.

but start studying the sermon on the mount, and put those words into practice, and find a place to practice it.

iow: seek god’s kingdom *first*

the spirit, when you are in a growth posture will take care of helping you flee temptation.

i promise.


(and not always)
it is better to just get away
to intentionally put foot to path
or key to hole
or car to highway

and sometimes
(but not always)
it is the wisest course of action
to quietly slip away with only a kind word
of reassurance that
all will be well in the future, but
right now a trip is required

and sometimes
(but not always)
it is better to go be in public
and just allow a moment’s rest
to come and hold your brain

you see sometimes
(but not always)
it must be true that simply
slipping away from the place you are currently at
is likely a very good idea



it is just too tempting

to kick a hornet’s nest


john said that “they” will know us by our love.

jesus said the entire law and the prophets comes down to love.

the “odds” (if you will) of you going door-to-door and finding the right person who’s all ready to “give thier life to christ” and you “leading them to the lord” are amazingly small.

i submit that you’d have more success winning people for the kingdom by working at starbucks, and loving the heck out of your co-workers and patrons.

basically, shining the light of the kingdom into a dark world is best done by “everyday” people, rather than “full time christian ministers”.

(like, i’m part-time?)

use your job as a context within which to engage in your purpose.

intentionally love your co-workers, being real with them, making friends with them, going to the movies, and the pub, and thier houses for parties, and the births of thier kids, and thier divorces, and funerals, and generally LOVE on them the way your parents love you (or should have, if they didn’t/don’t)…

…and, eventually, they give into the love that’s being shined thier way.

louis giglio says, “be the moon”.

that means, essentially, that you have no source of light on your own, but reflect only what the sun shins your way.

people think the moon is beautiful, and if you’re shining the love of christ, they will think YOU are, too.

but eventually they’ll start to realize that the light is reflected — and some of them will start looking for the sun itself.

it’s easy as can be — and the most natural thing in the world for a person who is really and truly following in christ’s steps.

a thought on calvinism

i remember, back when i liked to take the label “calvinist” for myself, how i had so little understanding of what it means, really.

i imagine there are lots of people like i was.

i also know, now that i’m several years older (and hopefully wiser!), that all the discussions i had, thinking it mattered had so very little to do with what jesus taught on how to be happy, or what he taught on what it means to love god.

i remember being so angry at “armenians” who would say calvinism is just an excuse to not have to evangelize (that still, er, ticks me off, actually), and i remember thinking that anyone who isn’t a calvinist must not think god is truly sovereign.

but, somewhere along the line, i realized that i simply am not smart enough to understand god, nor his ways.

i came to the conclusion that perhaps him knowing who goes to hell ahead of time does not automagically mean he also hand-picked who goes to heaven, because his ways are above ours.

i have decided not to get into these debates, because i have never seen a mind changed, nor a life improved.

the greatest of these

the boys and the girls
don’t speak the same language
they talk to each other
but they never hear

the girl will say one thing
the boy will hear other
the boy will say some thing
it will miss the girl’s ear

the girls and the boys
don’t share a vocab
they both know they’re right
and each other’s wrong

the boy says the wrong word
to convey the right feeling
the girl hears the right word
but the meaning is gone

the boys and the girls
both know something is missing
so they keep trying harder
to make themselves known

but the girls and the boys
will continue to blow it
as love can’t spoken
it has to be shown

mysterious powers

i hate the hold you have on me
i hate how you can make me sad
i hate that you can bend my will
i hate how you can make me mad

i hate that all you have to do is never come again
i hate that all you have to do is never show your face

i hate that all you have to do is never poke your head inside
i hate that all you have to do is never share this space

i wish you could forgive yourself
i wish you would have tried
i wish you hadn’t given up
i wish you had not died