tiger allows clippings dragged to icons on dock

i love this new feature of tiger:

Dock Icons Accept Clippings via Drag and Drop:

You can finally drag and drop clippings to icons on the Dock. (In previous versions of Mac OS X, there was no way to get an app icon in the Dock to accept a drag that contained a clipping.) This includes URL clippings:

  • You can drag a URL to Safari and it will open that URL in a new window.
  • You can drag the URL for an XML feed to NetNewsWire 2, and it will create a new subscription to that feed.
  • You can drag text to Safari, and it will perform a Google query on the text you dragged.
  • You can drag any text clipping (regular text, URL, etc.) to BBEdit, and it will open a new document containing that text.

(Thanks to Jesper and Eric Blair.)

(Via Daring Fireball: Tiger Details.)

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