dogma, and being the church, still.

Christdot :: Christ. Period. :: Emergent Trojan?:
” The problem with wrestling is that sometimes you end up wrestling with stuff simply because you don’t know what else to do – this is why the Church needs to be a part of the wrestling, and happens to be one of my greatest critiques of one of the voices in the emerging conversation – they cut themselves off from any current expression of the Church in order to become the Church (or, when less thought out, ‘not a hypocrite’). I challenge this when I encounter it – it’s contrary to the Gospel.”

i love what wezlo says here.

we who find ourselves trying to “re-imagine” what gatherings of believers can do for each other and for the communities around us will do well to not cut ourselves off from the church as it is now.

i also love how just a couple posts down, it is pointed out how “the game of language” has a huge part in this whole discussion.

words are so very niggly.

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