i got a tattoo today

so i got my tat, finally.

it’s a power button, on the back of my neck, about a half-inch big.

the experience was both easier, and harder than i expected.

the actual tattoo gun didn’t hurt as badly as i thought it would — it felt more like scraping than piercing. it was fairly constant — not like individual little pokes.

he did take frequent breaks, though, to fill the gun, or whatever.

he had an ink well that he kept dipping the thing into, anyway.

i sat sideways on the chair, since it was going on my neck, and the chair back was so high that he wouldn’t have been able to reach it.

there was a large mirror facing the cubicle that i was in, so i could (though i didn’t, much) watch.

what surprised me most was that i got HOT.

i could take the pain — it wasn’t that bad, but it was like my body itself knew something was going on, and had to react, somehow.

so it got sweaty.

it took about 10 minutes or so.

when i got up to pay, i felt fine — but by the time i had walked back up front, and it was time to pay, i was feeling very light headed — so much so that i couldn’t even grasp the pen they’d given me to sign the credit card slip with.

i asked to sit down.

i was brought a cup of water and a wet/cold papertowel, both of which helped enormously.

three minutes later, all was fine.

$50 later, i was out the door.

happy anniversary!

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