TMBG show, after

we hit TMBG at lebowski fest last night.

@ lebowski fest, just before theTMBG concert

the show was fun — good set.

the crowd was… odd (even for a giants show!). there were a lot of people who were obviously at their first giants show (didn’t know to say “hell yeah!” when flansy would say “dan miller”, not singing along –even to particle man, and not even pogoing right).

i think there were several people there just to watch the movie after the show (there was a midnight showing of the big lebowski, which we did not stay for).

sal enjoyed the show. i don’t think he knew as many of the songs as he’d have liked (they hit almost every marjor album — crazy!), but he’s real old-skool in the giants he likes (he’s still pissy that they have a band at all — heh). he kept wishing they’d play meet james ensor.

i was bummed that the only songs they did from mink car were drink! and working undercover for the man, which (everyone knows) are two of the worst giants songs ever.

corn mo was fun, again. he has added a casio keyboard to his show, so it’s not just him and his accordion and that ear-shattering cymbal-on-teh-floor.

i kept wanting a cigarette, but never did anything about it.

ah well.

this was the playlist (alphabetical order) as best as i can remember it.

  • Alphabet of Nations
  • Ana Ng
  • Bastard Wants To Hit Me
  • Clap Your Hands
  • Damn Good Times
  • Dr. Worm
  • Drink!
  • Experimental Film
  • Fingertips
  • Istanbul (not Constantinople)
  • It’s Kickin’ In
  • James K Polk
  • New York City
  • No One Knows My Plan
  • Particle Man
  • Particle Man
  • Pictures of Pandas Painting
  • Robot Parade
  • She’s An Angel
  • Snail Shell
  • Spine
  • Stalk of Wheat
  • The Guitar
  • The Sun
  • Working Undercover For The Man


  • Hocus Pocus w/Corn Mo

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