big rocks

Listening To: Billy Liar from the album “Billy Liar” by The Decemberists

i’m sitting at starbucks, thinking about big rocks.

we discussed, or rather, it was shown to us, about the big rocks illustration, where you put big rocks in a container.

is it full?

noooo — you can put smaller rocks in now.

and then sand.

and then water.

if you put water in first, of course, there’s no room for sand, little rocks or big rocks.

the point is, of course that if you take care of the important things in life first, the less-important stuff will sort itself out.

if you take care of your “big rocks” first, you will take care of them, for sure.

if you take care of the water or sand (that which is unimportant), you’ll never have any time for the important stuff.

i have been doing better at this this year, but there is still lots of room for improvement.

it is windy out

hehe — today, after service, i was hauling nora’s buckets of rocks out to the car, and kept thinking to myself, “it’s too windy to haul rocks.”

mom used to say that all the time.

only today has it started to sink in: it is never too windy to haul rocks.

jesus said that if we seek god’s kingdom, and god’s justice first, the rest of life will fall into place. life can never be so awful that we can’t haul our big rocks. if we’re constantly concentrating on sand, of course, it can.

but it is never too windy to haul rocks.

so, what do i need to do?

i need to take some time and re-evaluate what my big rocks are, and what they ought to be.

what sand am i hauling around, that’s not allowing me room for rocks?

what changes to i need to make to start hauling rocks, instead of that sand?

Listening To: Everything I Try To Do, Nothing Seems To Turn Out Right from the album “Billy Liar” by The Decemberists

“…and there’s this nagging suspicion that won’t leave me alone tonight. it’s just that everything i try to do, nothing seems to turn out right.”


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