the godfoather’s lawyer gives an example of kingdom living. Toward a Praxis of Christian Disagreement: A…

Hayden had grown up with the Corleone boys and was practically a son to the Don. He had absolutely nothing to fear from this powerful producer and knew it. He was so confident that at the end of this encounter, though he’s just been insulted and rebuffed, he’s calm and collected enough to compliment Woltz on his body of work. work.

When it comes to matters of the Kingdom, we also can speak with such Olympic Calm. We serve the Creator of the universe and within the church against which the gates of hell shall not prevail. He has given us all that pertains to our life and we’ve no need to be anxious for anything.

There are surely critical times when love for God and others may demand that we raise our voice or endanger a relationship (and even here, there is an inner calm that can pertain born of our conviction and security). But many times, we are in a position to dispassionately stay above the controversy and be the voice of reason and perspective.

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