trogdor at the vet

belying the fact that he’s actually a vicious, vet-hating beast, trogdor lays patiently on the floor, waiting for the vet to come back and tell us that he’s got an ear infection. Technorati Tags: dog, dragon, ear infection, infection, trog, trogdor, vetranarian, vicious


Chris Corwin: i believe i shall start taking my coffee subcutaneouslyTom Wiebe: dude, you should try these caffeine suppositorys I’m onTom Wiebe: it’s like having a rocket in your pocket Technorati Tags: chat, coffee, subcutaneosly, suppository, transcript

registering for college

sucks. also of note: it doesn’t show here, but those lighting fixures had cloud inserts, making it look a bit like skylights. but just a little bit. Technorati Tags: blog, blogger, college, fixture, indiana, indianapolis, indy, ivy tech, lighting, next window please, registering, sign, window


today is my first day back at — cough — college. at thirty-one years old, i’m about to go attend survey of art and culture 101. (i already took 102, somehow…??) i bet i’m the only kid in class with orange hair though.