katrina and poverty from salon.com

Salon.com | Flushing out the ugly truth:
What I’d really like is to see him head today for the Superdome, bring his dad, and Bill Clinton, and John Kerry and Howard Dean — any Democrat or Republican who cares, really –- and go to work, feeding and comforting the refugees and finding out what they need. Then I’d like to see them put people to work, rebuilding the amazing historic city we’ve apparently lost.

Americans are ready to do the right thing. Americans want to help their neighbors — even when those neighbors are people they don’t know, who are poor and have different colored skin. If you close your eyes, you can imagine a silver lining. Inspired by a president who got down in the water himself and started bailing, America could find the will and the resources to put people to work building a country, not destroying one the way we’re doing in Iraq. But that is just a dream. In the real world, the water is likely to keep rising. Still, I’d be thrilled to be proven wrong.

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