starbucks at camby moved my cheese

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so, everyone who’s anyone at the starbucks in camby, indiana knows that i have my own flipping chair here.

it is the one i always sit in, without exception.

i have come in, seen people in my chair and decided to leave rather than have to sit somewhere else in the store.

whether this is related to GAD (which i’ve still not looked into — this is a busy weekend) or not i don’t know, but i do know this: i like my routines and i hate to deviate from them.

one of the great things about the chair is that it is a wonderful shade of green.

it is also hell of comfy.

it’s big enough to sit cross-legged, or not. the arms are wide enough that you can rest your arms on them, or you can turn sideways and lean up against one.

these are some effing great chairs.

now, my particular chair was over here in the corner, out of the sun, even at 5:30 in the afternoon, when juliet’s light through yonder window breaks, rendering computer screens all but impossible to see.

this is the one single chair in the whole store that’s in the dark enough to still use.



it is the one chair that happens to be near the only outlet in the store.

and can you guess what they
did to it?

they moved it.

they moved it.


now all four of the comfy green chairs are along the south-east wall of the store, right where the huge windows are, and so sitting in them puts sunlight right onto the screen.

side note: some dood just came in, and sat in one of these chairs. he sat and pretended to read for four minutes. he never ordered anything. then he left.

so, today i am not in my chair, i am at a table that they maliciously shoved into the corner here.


and can you guess what i
did in response to it?

my brain asploded.

my brain asploded.


and i made a little sign to prove it, and tacked it to the wall above me.

: -)

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