desecration of our hearts

unlike most of the poems i post here, i didn’t write this one just now. instead, i am posting one i wrote on august 22, 1995, that i just found in a long-lost journal.

it seemed fitting.

desecration of our hearts
has no one else noticed?
did nobody mention?
that death is not funny
and killing’s not entertainment?

violence drips from our soul
as puss from an open sore

a sore that refuses to heel

it seeps from our hearts out into our minds
and flows out our mouths, fists, guns

into our neighbor’s heads, mouths, ears

wounding those who love us
killing those g-d loves

it should be my right to own a tool to kill anyone more efficiently
g-d hands out no such license

and, yes, the constitution’s evil for saying that she does

i’m ashamed to live and be friends with those who would kill to protect VCRs
i’m ashamed to live in a country where someone is murdered every twenty-two minutes
i’m appalled that we accept that g-d looks approvingly on our disregard for his children’s lives
and i’m angry that i’m the minority

burn your flag, christian
your government has fed you a lie
burn the evil symbol down

the land of the greed and the home of the slave

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