filling the fridge

tonight i spent one hundred and forty-two dollars on groceries.

before i went to the store, i emptied the fridge of all the food that was old/expired or downright useless.

after that process i ended up with:

  • butter
  • one jar mayonnaise
  • 42 individually wrapped string cheese packets
  • six kinds of mustard (i don’t like mustard) (no, really, it’s true)
  • one garlic clove
  • five american cheese slices
  • one bottle hershey’s chocolate syrup (i don’t use this, ever)
  • one container of grated parmesian cheese

the fridge was almost completely bare, in other words.

i took some stock of the pantry, and the pickings were similarly slim, though i didn’t bother going through it to clear out the old stuff in there.

at the grocery i bought things such as sliced peaches, milk, orange juice, a coffee grinder, coffee filters, spaghetti, sauce for said noodles, blah, blah and blah.

i ended up with a fairly well-stocked kitchen for less than i had planned to spend, and i even sneaked in a case of miller when i wasn’t looking. (i’m so rebellious!)

having almost no real food in the house for the past several months has been strange.

i love to cook, and am good at it. my parents are both wonderful cooks, and they taught all of us kids to do so from as early as i can remember.

but the past year has been odd, with depression and life kind of taking over.

the dishwasher was broken for a long time, and we rarely had enough dishes to cook with clean at the same time, let alone the counter space the dirty dishes took up.

so we ended up going out — lots.

this costs way too much money and ends up getting food that will eventually kill you.

now i have frozen veggies and chicken breasts and noodles and rice, and i am excited to be cooking again.

this evening i had chicken breasts on the foreman grill, and some green beans.

it was wonderful.

ooh ooh! i also splurged on a fall-smelling candle: mulled cider. it is burning right now and it smells wonderful. 🙂

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