red eye cafe

i was back at the red eye cafe in downtown indy this evening… er, well i guess it was earlier this morning.

(holy frick, it’s 4 am)

(i hate insomnia)

i had not only the best scrambled eggs i have ever eaten, but also the best orange juice i have ever, uh, drinken.

er dranked.


drunk sounds bad when you’re not talking about actually being drunk.

but drank sounds… wrong.

i’ll stick with drinkin.


there it is again.

we as a society need to band together and create a better vocabulary for drinking things and for love.

we use the same word, “love”, wether we’re talking about the person we are all gushy-mushy for, the person we’re peering over a casket at after 60-some years of marriage, and orange juice.

that does not speak highly of us.

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