camping with family

so i mentioned that i had gone camping with the family, i’m finally getting around to putting some of the photos up.

(i was out of cell range down there, and had to upload them later)

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mandi and i wanted to climb the firetower. we were prevented from doing so, much to our chagrin.

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view from a chair by the campfire. clearly one of dad’s fires, and not one of josh’s (you can tell by the paltry amount of wood used).

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near brown county state park is nashville, indiana.

this place is full of little arts and crafts type stores, candlemaking shops, wineries, cobblers and generally has an “old tyme” feel about it.

the disturbing image above is a toy, believe it or not, from one of these stores.

the picture honestly doesn’t convey the horror that this thing brings to the soul.

ed poe would have stopped drinking if he saw this thing.

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