trog n me n an interview

a few days ago i received an email asking if i would be interested in be profiled in a regular column of “Outreach Magazine” which their site says this about:

Sojourners: People You Meet Along The Way
In each issue Outreach introduces you to individuals in various places on their faith journey, some who have crossed into the Kingdom, some who haven‘t. We can learn from both.

the author, Lisa Ann Cockrel, said that she found my blog here (where do you people come from?) and gave me a couple example profiles and the thing i needed to do for the “interview.”

it was basically a list of questions to answer, and Lisa may get back to me for follow-up questions and clarifications or whatnaught.

in any case, they also needed a head shot to publish along with the profile created from my answers, and as all my recent shots are from my best-described-as-mediocre cameraphone (sprint is evil, btw), i had my mother take lots of shots in order to re-create a photo of myself that i liked, but isn’t high enough resolution to print.

that shot is:

57129781 133D152Ae5 O

i like it because it looks, to me, how i often feel. serious, a little nervous, and perhaps a bit tired.

i suppose i am supposed to submit a photo that makes me look all suave and together, but that’s just not how i feel.

in any case, i took the pup to mom and dad’s, cause they love him and he likes car rides, and he managed to worm his way into a couple of the shots:

57128230 2Ab77B1B5E B

57128144 981C790B61 B

in any case, the shot i almost submitted is a lot like that one above:

57063759 E7F22B6Ffb B

but the one i actually submitted ended up being this one:

57131044 15D110F455 B

here’s why: it looks friendlier, which is also something i often feel. and i think that’s at least as important as looking tired and sad.

(lisa, if you read this, and want the other one, do say so)

Listening to: Goodbye Stranger from the album “Breakfast in America” by Supertramp

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