orthodox doctrine on the trinity

OCA – Q & A – The Trinity :

We believe as well that each of the three divine persons is divine in his own unique way, yet always living and acting in the perfectly absolute unity of the divine truth and love. Thus the Three are one not only because what they are is one and the same, but because their divine union allows of no separation or duality or division whatsoever.
We must hasten to point out here that the Orthodox teaching about the Holy Trinity is not an “abstract dogma” thought up by some clever minds. It is the expression on the level of words — which are always and of necessity inadequate to reality — of the loving experience of God in the Church. The doctrine of the Trinity is the product of man’s living communion with the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit.

the more time i spend exploring the orthodox church, the more intrigued i become.

there is something to be said for a group of believers who didn’t need a reformation.

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