gluten and dairy free diets to help ADD ?

there is beginning to be some real research making waves about ADD and nutrition.

specifically it is staring to be apparent that a gluten and dairy-free diet may significantly help control symptoms associated with ADD.

i plan to look into this more and perhaps even change my diet in hopes of having a positive change in my own condition, in the following ways:

  • reduce “fizzy drinks” as much as possible
  • eat: protein and vegies
  • cut out simple carbohydrates
  • no chocolate or candy

the carbs one is a big deal. i love potatoes. lots!

so this will be kinda rough.

but perhaps not as rough as dealing with ADD symptoms…

Listening to: Episode 8 – Nutritional Neuroscience from the album “The ADHD Podcaster” by Hoe Bing

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