more design tweeks

so, i have tweeked the design of the blog a bit more now.

i have put the previous posts, archives, blogger profile and google ads over to the right, instead of at the bottom — this is mainly to increase exposure for the “previous posts” area.

i have put all that stuff, as well as the flickr feed, into round-topped gray boxes, with a subtle gradient.

i have finally gotten around to styling the comments section, now that i’m starting to get more comments — and they look much better.

i still really like the “mirror effect” going on in the header, but i shortened it by about 40 pixels, and made it more narrow, so that i could have a line-length i was happy with in this new non-liquid design.

i hope one day that CSS allows us to have rounded boxes that don’t have to have background images or the stupid “sliding doors” hack.

anyway please leave comments telling me what you think, okay?


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