They Might Be Giants – PopMatters Concert Review

one of my favorite bands of all time is they might be giants.

i have seen them in concert more than a few times, and the story below is just one reason why i love seeing them live:

Early on during They Might Be Giants’s show at Boulder’s Fox Theatre, keyboardist/accordionist/vocalist John Linnell called a song to a premature halt, waving his hands frantically at his bandmates.

“Whoa, hold it guys,” he croaked. “I don’t know what’s wrong-my voice is all messed up.”

Though the band is known for its onstage pranks, this wasn’t one of them. Holding his throat, it appeared that Linnell really was having trouble with his vocal chords.

“It’s the altitude,” suggested an audience member.

“No, it’s not the altitude,” Linnell answered. “It must be the latitude. What is this-the 40th parallel? We can’t play shows at the 40th parallel!”

They Might Be Giants – PopMatters Concert Review

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