on using the ESV bible

during the last year i have switched from the NIV to the ESV in my daily bible reading and study.

the reasons i have done so are nicely summed up in the article this excerpt is from:

Well, there’s much more that could be said. Eventually, we made the decision to change to the English Standard Version, and the decisive thing for me, having thought about it, prayed about it, used the Bible for a period of more than a year, I believe, I asked myself this question: “What Bible do I want my children to grow up hearing from the pulpit, using in worship, and using in their own memory work?” And it was just obvious to me that I wanted that to be the English Standard Version. Why would I not exercise the same kind of fatherly care of my congregation?
Two anecdotes in support of this. One is: I had preached through the book of Galatians and was preparing that material for an expositional commentary. And I had preached in the New International Version but wanted for various reasons to retrofit it to the English Standard Version for publication. And one interesting thing as I went through it, virtually every chapter, I would come to a paragraph or a section, and I would see that I had given an explanation based on the NIV, explaining what it really should’ve said.
And in preparing things for publication, I was just able to delete those paragraphs entirely—they were no longer necessary because the English Standard Version was saying what needed to be said.

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