at lasso summit 2006


after a thirty hour bus ride, i am in fort lauderdale, florida for lasso summit 2006.

the bus ride was more or less awful, but not, actually, as bad as i had feared.

i started to get a bit stir-crazy by the end of it. really. ready. to. get. off. the. bus.

for a good deal of the trip from atlanta to florida, i sat next to a guy who tried to sell me ecstasy, over and over.

when we got to orlando for a stop, the driver told us that it would be a quick stop, and to leave our stuff in our seats, so that new people getting on wouldn’t steal our seats.

then the bus pulled away with the drug dealer, and my bag with my powerbook in it, but without me.


fortunately, i was able to get on the next bus to ft lauderdale, and that bus actually caught up with my bus, and at a truck stop i was able to hop onto the correct one.

all my stuff had been, uh, gone through a bit.

my camera and reading light and some other little things were in a different compartment in my bag than i had left them (O_o) but it was, at least, still all there.

the drug dealer informed me that he had used my pillow. sorry.


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