some socks are more important than other socks

Q: Okay, while you’re on the subject, what exactly does “holy” mean?

A: It means “set apart,” in the sense that something is set apart when it is sacred. And of course that means that whatever is holy or sacred is set apart from all that is not holy or sacred.

from an interview of billy graham by woody allen.

i understand set apart.

in my sock drawer, when i bother to sort my socks, i have about three pair that are my favorites, because they are so much more comfortable than the rest of my socks.*

i have set these socks apart.

i’m sure there’s some sort of modern-day parable there, waiting to be teased out.

Listening to: Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree from the album “The Essential Glenn Miller” by Glenn Miller

* It should be noted that almost every single pair of socks i have are the same:
. if you’re not familiar with smartwools, you ought to be. they don’t itch. they last years and years. they keep your feet warm in the winter, but cool in the summer. they retain this miraculous insulating power even when they’re wet. they are the socks that god wears, i’m positive of it.

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