flying in dreams

so last night i had the most amazing dream, where i could fly.

even better, it was a lucid dream (where i was aware i was dreaming, and could control the dream, but didn’t wake up) and so i had some serious fun.

i flew around, over parks, over lakes, into and through houses.

i walked into a medieval pub, and asked who wanted a beer, got a few hands raised and a few voices of “aye!” i called out, “i’m buying these men a beer!” and immediately got more hands (hahahah!)

i healed morgan freeman’s half-blown-off legs by giving him goat legs with yeti feet. he danced off gleefully.

i sneaked into the dormitory where the supermodels were lounging, nude, of course.

i fought an evil witch.

but mostly, i flew around.

it was amazing, and i hope to repeat it someday.

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