killing people in dreams

i had strange dreams last night, where i was part of a group of people who had been chosen to witness the executions of three people — two drug users and one murderer.

most everyone in this group of three-hundred people were all but uncaring that three of us were going to die soon.

they were busy working on projects of various sorts: making home-made ferris wheels or other amusement part type rides. one guy was building a salmon run.
my own project had to do with creating a toboggan sled track down a mountain.

i felt very uneasy at the idea of watching three people die, and even more so that most everyone around me didn’t seem to care.


in either the same dream, or another one ( i really don’t recall ), i ended up going out to dinner with xeni jardin and not finding her obnoxious, pious, or filthy.

clearly, that’s one fucked up dream.

Listening to: Young Generation Dub from the album “King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown” by Augustus Pablo

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