"old people" on a blind date

so i’m sitting at the coffeeshop right near my house on sunday afternoon, drinking ice water and coding away on a project that i wish i had finished two weeks ago, and there’s a couple in here on what is obviously a blind date.

and something about it just hit me: i was sitting here thinking it’s funny to watch old people on a date, when i heard when they graduated high school…

four years behind me.

apparently i am both a terrible judge of age, and have aged well myself.

UPDATE: the young lady in question just answered her phone, mid-sentence, without pausing… she’s jabbering away, talking about herself, her phone rings, her hand goes for the phone apparently on its own, and it’s at her mouth with a “Hello?” faster than the dood likely realized the thing was ringing.

classy girl.

Listening to: K / Half Noise from the album “Finally We Are No One” by Mum

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