overheard in indianapolis

earlier this evening i found myself standing in borders books with a new friend, looking at art magazines when a person nearby allowed their mobile phone to ring… loudly. some rap song as the ring.

a teenage girl answers with “wwhhhaaaat??”

when we both had to stifle laughs i figured i was going to enjoy this new person’s company quite a bit.

when she tells the person, in an obnoxious voice, that she’s at “barnes and nobles” (we were at borders) and hinted that the person on the other end should come get her and we both laughed out loud at her, i knew i would.

when the phone rang again, it was obviously her mom, as the girl informed her that “dad was on his way to get me” — and my new friend said “if he can find her…” and i thought i was going to die from trying not to laugh.

making fun of silly people in public is fun.

making fun of silly people in public with someone else who is totally making the same jokes you are is better.

i hope, though, her dad figured out where the girl really was — eventually.

with 38°f temps and 15mph winds, tonight would be a cold walk home to the subarbs, i’m sure.

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