bleeding soon

so my doctor is making me get blood work done, i forget what all is being tested, but it’s related to my ADD and lack of sleep.

so i’m sitting in a waiting room at a hospital, anticipating some nurse sticking me with some needle.

this sort of thing used to terrify me, but my doctor is so fond of making me get blood work that i’ve rather grown used to it now.

the hospital admitting process is pleasant enough, and all the employees here are very friendly and helpful.

but i’m probably still going to almost pass out.

but for some reason my body waits to get hot and nauseous until after the needle is long gone and she says “all done”.

i feel the thing go in, and i’m OK while she’s drawing the stuff, but once it hits the sharp container i get all sweaty and sick and need orange juice and have to sit a spell before i can stand up and drive home (or to work, in this case).

there’s some chick sitting not far from me in the waiting room who was near me in admitting, and though i didn’t hear the answer when she was asked, “do you have a religious preference?”, the response the asker gave was “oh, wow, i have never heard that one before.”

i kept hoping i would get asked, too, so i could explain that the word pronounced “dowism” is spelled “taoism”. 😀

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