another dog attack near my house

this took place one block away from my house.

Police shoot, kill pit bull after it attacked a man

May 9, 2007

Police officers shot and killed a pit bull that was attacking a man Tuesday on the city’s Eastside.

Jesse Stanley, 61, Mooresville, was treated at Wishard Memorial Hospital for bites on his leg.

According to a metropolitan police report, Stanley was inspecting a house he had purchased in the 800 block of North Gray Street when he was attacked at 12:38 p.m. by two pit bulls. Neighbors called police.
The police report said one officer fired three shots at the dog from his handgun, striking the dog at least twice. The dog fell, got up and ran away, but came back and charged the officer.

Another officer arrived with a Remington shotgun and fired one round at the pit bull, killing it.

The second dog ran away. Animal Care and Control is investigating.

from the indy star

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