music: a chat transcript

Chris Corwin: i’m really liking this new TMBG album
Chris Corwin: it’s so different
Jason Huck: i meant to tell you chris
Jason Huck: that new Ted Leo has really been growing on me
Jason Huck: i think it may be his best album yet
Chris Corwin: it has its moments
Chris Corwin: j1 digs it a lot
Jason Huck: that is how i felt at first
Jason Huck: but i’m warming up to it more and more
Mr. Tom Wiebe: the new Feist isn’t bad
Chris Corwin: new feist?
Chris Corwin: nice
Chris Corwin: i dig teh leslie
Mr. Tom Wiebe: kinda like what Tori Amos might’ve been had she not been a complete fucking nutjob

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