Film adaptationIn July 2005, producer Mark Gordon announced a collaboration with singer Pharrell Williams as well as producers Mark Costa and Frank Oelman to make a live-action film adaptation of the franchise. Pharrell Williams was also reported to score the film. … It will be distributed by Paramount Pictures or Columbia Pictures and World Events […]


“Now we know we can boot up a chromosome system. It doesn’t matter if the DNA is chemically made in a cell or made in a test tube. Until this development, if you made a synthetic chomosome you had the question of what do you do with it. Replacing the chomosome with existing cells, if […]

mystery large cat photos in maine, usa

Maine hasn’t had wild mountain lions since the late 1800s, Latti said. Vermont and New Hampshire don’t have them either. “We do receive a handful of sightings a year,” he added. The last significant one was about six years ago in Monmouth. Plaster casts were made of what turned out to be mountain lion tracks, […]

sweeeeeeet: we can hunt bald eagles again

“Today, I’m proud to announce that the eagle has returned,” Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne said in a conference call with reporters this afternoon. Bald Eagle Removed From Endangered List – washingtonpost.com Technorati Tags: baldeagles, douglasadams, eagles, endangered, evolution, extinct, extinction, lastchancetosee

going off the grid

a large part of me is becoming more and more enamored with the idea of finding some land where we can build a low-impact, sustainable home and farm on which to live and rid ourselves of the idea that one must have a job and income in order to be happy and successful. is there […]

outdoor fauxhawks

Mount the MOJO Hawk on a pole (included) above our predator decoy and/or caller. The Hawk gives predator the illusion that a bird of prey has caught and crippled an easy meal, and if they rush in, they can take it. It causes even the wariest coyotes to finish. It also works great to keep […]

these guys sell fauxhawk feet

so, in order to keep my supply of fauxhawk information up with the demand for fauxhawk information (according to my crazy incoming referers from google), i figured i’d turn this blog into one of the leading sources of information of fauxhawk stuff. staring here, with some doods who sell realistic faux hawk feet. no, really. […]

the how to make a book book

How to Make a Book covers basic layout and editorial topics as well as advanced concepts like pacing, using white space, and choosing layouts for maximum impact. Practical tips are packed into chapters on how to start, collect, explore, and polish, to get your book from concept to completion. Don’t need the physical book? Download […]

outdoor dining in indianapolis

14 West 40 West Cafe Acapulco Joe’s Aesop’s Tables Agio Ah Barista Cafe Alcatraz Brewery Andrus O’Reilly’s Au Bon Pain Battery Park Bazbeaux Pizza Bearno’s Pizza Blu Lounge Bourbon Street Distillery, Inc. Buca di Beppo Canal Café and Terrace at Indiana State Museum Champions Sports Bar Champps Americana Chatterbox Jazz Club Claddagh Irish Pub Coaches […]

in god "we" trust?

yesterday j1 went to the license branch to renew the plates on the cherokee, forester and accent. she was asked on two of the three cars if she wanted the “in god we trust” plate or the regular plate. this is in spite of the fact that the “in god we trust” is just one […]